Join the #coronocleanupSA and win during lockdown

Join the #coronocleanupSA and win during the lockdown

South Africa’s extensive coronavirus lockdown is placing a strain not just on us as individuals 😷 but on our waste management infrastructure. Excessive litter is starting to pile up on our streets, beaches, waterways and ultimately oceans. Considering that 80% of the marine pollution stems from land-based sources, no intervention during this #lockdown period could mean that the excess litter will eventually end up in our oceans too. So join us in caring with the planet with #coronacleanupSA during the #lockdown, and help us make a difference today!🌍

Clean Oceans begin with us
Clean Oceans begins with our choices

A big shout out to our unsung heroes:♻️ the waste pickers, recyclers, beach clean-up initiatives and many others for digging out and sorting rubbish to ensure that plastic ends up in the right places rather than clogging up our landfill and choking our sea creatures.🐳🐢🐠

What we are asking you to do: 🛍️On your next morning walk, run or jog, grab a bag, put on your gloves and pick up a few pieces of litter from your curbside. Remember, safety first, so place all gloves and litter collected into the nearest bin. 🧤 🚮


Join us in cleaning up during lockdown, and stand a chance to tap into weekly winnings to the value of over R1000

🤳 To enter:
· Take a picture of your filled rubbish bag
· Upload it to Instagram/FB using the hashtag #coronacleanupSA
· Challenge three of your friends to do the same (and tag us too)!

Prizes valued to up to over R1000 including vouchers and memberships for the Two Oceans Aquarium, AvoEcoproducts, Stasher SA , Eco Grow Rings, Earth & Co, and Klean Kanteen SA.

🏆Winners to be announced weekly until the 5th June to celebrate #worldenvironmentday

🎟️No limit on entries

🎫Vouchers can be used immediately and will not expire, although courier services need to resume before products can be sent. Winners of Aquarium memberships need to activate memberships within 9o days of the aquarium re-opening. Once activated, the membership is valid for a full year.

Stay safe and follow the law

Safety first: Wear a mask, wear gloves and dispose of waste in the nearest bin. Please obey the law and take care of your safety at this time.

Your safety has consequences too
Be safe but be mindful



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