Actionable insights


Too many organisations focus on creating awareness, but awareness alone does not translate into action. #OceanPledge focuses on the critical gap between awareness and action – on getting people to change their behaviour and ACT on their pro-environmental beliefs.  

While Ocean Pledge uses education at all junctures to create a platform for change, it focuses on providing strategicACTION-oriented solutions through linking data-driven insights obtained through research, with a solid theory of change.  

We work with a host of clients to understand the intricacies of consumer perception and its impact on behaviour, motivation and ultimately change. We conduct research based on human behaviour sciences to provide consumer insights needed to inform strategy and drive change. 

Some of the research projects we are in involved in: 

The great big plastic conversation 

In partnership with WWF-SA we are conducting a cross sectional survey across South Africa to assess general consumer sentiment and behaviour around single-use plastic to understand which trade-offs are relevant and which messages are most motivating within various segments in our rainbow nation 

Ongoing research with restaurants

As part of our OP Restaurant Programme, valuable data is continuously gatheredcollated and analysed not only to assess the impact of the programme and the progress of the restaurant, but also to identify potential areaof business in supporting systemic change.

#OceanPledge campaign

Encourages people to commit to smallactionable steps toward positive ocean change in their own lives by signing their public #oceanpledge. As a follow-up, pledgees are presented with 6-point survey which assesses the extent to which signing a public pledge is effective in influencing behaviour and identifying common triggers and barriers to change.