“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Nelson Mandela

At Ocean Pledge, we promote conservation through education, which underpins everything we do.  

Our aim is to facilitate access to educational content around single-use plastic and the impact of choices on the ocean environment to learners, staff and all those interested in developing their knowledge.  

 We use an on-line learning management system which enables us to build on and share educational content freely while simultaneously aggregating data in terms of how many people engage with the content and which information is accessed.  



We focus on empowering our youth as we believe that they the cornerstone for impact and our #futureoceanguardians. It is the youth who will inherit the state of our oceans and it is our responsibility to equip them along the way. 

What started with a humble collection of images which were stuck up onto community walls has been expanded into an ensemble of presentations suited for various markets. These modules are currently being transformed into a collaborative library of free information on the Ocean Pledge Platform. Yipikajai!!!! We love our tech guys! 

Through our train-the-trainer model and youth empowerment model, we select and train ambassadors in various leadership roles to spread the word throughout our communities. 

Please contact us should you wish to have us talk us your community or for your company / brand to co-sponsor a school.



The Power to Disrupt 

Sustainability is at the forefront of global issues. Businesses and investors are increasingly concerned about the impact of their activities and how they can effect change by adopting a culture of corporate sustainability. 

Regardless of the size of your company or group, we offer various tailored made corporate engagement programmes to help educate, inspire, disrupt the status quo and bring about change on various levels. From inspirational keynote talk by Ted-Ex speaker; to engaging corporate team-building events; or lateral thinking bio-mimicry inspired workshops based on theories on Systems Changewe aim to inspire organisations to tap into their creativity by rethinking their relationship not only to plastic, but to outdated models of engagement that no longer have a place in a modern and agile world.


Verity Price

Ted-X speaker, Ocean pledge Ambassador, corporate strategist and change agent

Born out of a TEDx talk, this keynote speaker and songwriter is helping organisations to rethink their relationship to single use plastic and empower staff to collaborate and find creative solutions for reducing plastic in head offices and in business offerings. As a lateral thinking expert with a passion for making positive changes in businesses, Verity explores the opportunity for innovation and creativity that this crisis is presenting, and how we can disrupt our ways of doing things in order to give our future a chance.


Ocean Pledge recognises that events and festivals create enormous amounts of waste.

It is devastating to see plastic and other waste generated by events blowing into our pristine natural environments. Ultimately, ending up in our oceans.

We collaborate with event organisers to co-create #blueocean events/festivals/conferences which eliminate the use/dependency on single-use plastic, reduce waste to landfill, and create environmental awareness.  

 If you would like to Ocean Pledge your event please contact us. We would really love to hear from you