Become Ocean Activist

We All Have A Choice And A Say

When our reliance on a single product becomes so pervasive and all-consuming that its strengths threaten our very existence on this planet, an intervention is required.

The ocean is the essential lifeblood of the earth’s ecosystem providing over 70 percent of the oxygen we breathe and over 97 percent of the world’s water supply. Yet, every day, the ocean is under attack from multiple man-made and environmental stressors, the least of which is single-use plastic.

By 2050 there is predicted to be more plastic in the ocean than fish (Ellen MacArthur Foundation), 95% of which is derived from land-based sources such as packaging (2017, IUCN). Not only does the molecular nature of plastic attract all kinds of poisonous molecules in the environment such as DDT, mercury and other chemicals from agricultural run-off, but through the process of degradation, it also leaches a myriad of harmful toxins such as hormone disrupters which contaminate our soil, oceans and waterways. So not only does plastic result in habitat loss and the entanglement and starvation of unsuspecting creatures who commonly mistake it for food, but it threatens the very existence of all life forms on this planet.

At Ocean Pledge we challenge the unconscious behavioural dependency that we, as a planet, have developed around plastic. We believe that we can assist each other in shifting current plastic paradigms by consuming less, considering more, and inspiring change through our own example.

Unfortunately, the fish have no choice, but you certainly do!

Ocean Pledge Projects


Ocean Pledge Restaurants

In association with Surf Rider Foundation, we bring you a program which encourages local restaurants to be more ocean-compliant and assist consumers to making sustainable choices for our ocean. “One restaurant, one customer at a time, (this program) increases awareness, drives change in behavior and ultimately creates scalable impact to reduce our plastic (and water!) footprint”


Ocean Pledge Guardian Series

We promote conservation through education and believe that one can only be inspired to protect that which they love. We work alongside key ocean organisations such as I AM WATER and Save Our Seas Foundation to facilitate a deep love for ocean by evoking curiosity, fun and a sense of wonder. We appreciate the ability to share, learn and grow in working with the youth as these are our #futureoceanguardians


Ocean Pledge Events​

We partner with events to promote Blue Ocean Events by working with event organisers, participating vendors, brands and spectators to do the right thing when it comes to minimizing our environmental impact. We cover marketing, waste management, water and various other strategies in our attempt at declaring the event single-use plastic-free